The Meet Cute

We met in the wild at a bar. Jeff's opening line you ask? "I hear this is a great place to meet a wife." Mind you, we were in a VERY divey bar, complete with saloon doors and sequins. Cue Kelly's eye roll (she didn't quite get his humor yet, thankfully she's come around). She slipped into the bathroom, wonders why she just wasted hours exchanging glances with a stranger, and hoped that he would be gone when she emerged from the bathroom. Alas, she opened the door and he was still standing there smiling. They talked for the rest of the night.

The Proposal

Fast forward through many dates, trips, moves, purchasing a home...to a Thursday night in January. Two weeks in to raising a puppy, they got Nala down to bed, all was quiet. Kelly is very dedicated to her nighttime skincare steps. She was post-cleanser, post-toner, pre-moisturizer. She came out of the bathroom in search of her moisturizer, and there was Jeff down on one knee. He pulled out the most perfect ring, took her hand, said some very sweet things that neither of them can remember. And that was that!

Or so Kelly thought. The next night they went to a cocktail making class with the parents. They knocked back a few, and came back to their condo where Kelly put on the ring. There was shrieking, tears of joy, hugs, and quite a few exclamations of “holy shit you crazy kids!!”. Upon moving to a nearby restaurant to keep the champagne flowing, someone came up to the table and said, “we hear there’s something to celebrate!” Kelly turned around and immediately started sobbing tears of joy. Turns out Jeff called her sister, Caitlin, and asked her and her husband to fly up as a surprise. So there stood Caitlin and Sean, luggage in hand, fresh off a flight from Houston and ready to celebrate! The weekend just kept getting sweeter and sweeter. To cap it all off, they spent Saturday night at a local pool hall with family and friends celebrating the engagement.

Turns out the Holiday Club really was a great place to meet a wife!


To our Family and Friends:
We truly appreciate your love and support throughout the years. We would love to have you join us to celebrate our love in paradise.

P.S. does anyone know a good dog sitter? Because we hope to see you all there!